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    They may look complex, but these DIY spiral paper roses are fun, easy, and inexpensive to make yourself.You probably always have crafting materials at hand because you never know when a good crafting project will pop up.Today we will explore how to make flowers at home. We have felt flowers, flowers made of paper, and pressing flowers. These handmade works will not only make your time meaningful, but also decorate your home. If you want to make money, you can also go to online stores to sell. There are kids in the family who can let the children do it together and also exercise their hands.And these flowers will not…

  • Crafts DIY

    31 Creative and Fun Paper Crafts for Kids and Adults 2020

    Spring is finally here! Maybe it’s been spring for awhile where you are,making a beautiful paper quilling wreath to brighten up your home. You can try out this paper quilling flower pendant too if you’d like a wearable version of this craft!From colorful octopus, cute bunnies, puzzling art, even a platform to play with marbles. Best of all, these items can be great decorations, playable items or both.With very few supplies needed, it’s so easy to make these with kids. Working on how to measure can be another component of this craft. This cute paper craft is so easy. Most paper quilling projects start with very basic shapes, combined to…

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